Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hotlanta Date Night

On Thursday, My Guy planned an amazing "Date Night" for us. We're in Atlanta this weekend. And it's incredibly hot here! It's the South. That means craziness when it comes to the weather! But we really did enjoy the evening.

The 2 of us rarely, if ever, just go out. It's tough. He's got to find a little restaurant. Where nobody really goes. He still has to disguise himself. The whole thing. It's a lot to just go out. Even for pizza and a movie. So we stay in. Hangout in our pjs, eat dinner, and watch a good movie.

But not last night. Last night, we had a nice night out. We got dressed up, so unusual for us. And we went out to dinner. A nice dinner. Many, many courses. I haven't had that much food in forever! And it was absolutely delicious!

Do you want to talk about the dessert? That alone, could have been our meal! A plate of mini desserts surrounded a HUGE chocolate sundae. How does this happen? We definitely ate until nothing else would fit in our bellies! But our dessert looked like we hadn't touched it!

Then we went for a nice stroll around the city. It was beautiful. To be honest, I'm yet to find a Southern city that isn't beautiful! I should have moved years and years ago! At night, the city just glowed. It had a different energy. So exciting. Rich in history.

We ended our night with an old movie. Not sure where this movie theater was, I'm not familiar with Atlanta. But we got to see an old movie. This theater was like stepping into the past. It was gorgeous. Rich in architecture and history. We got to see one of my favorite movies, An Affair to Remember.

It was magical! I guess, sometimes I forget that we're a couple. A dating couple. You know, because we are so busy in life. We have so much on our plates. We both work long hours. And it's hard for us to go out on "normal dates." I think we also forget that we're a young couple. We should be out having fun. Enjoying life. But Thursday night, it was definitely an amazing night. I need to remember, to plan nights like that in the near future. ♥

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