Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tough Day

Today we buried my hero. My friend. The man that I thought of as my second dad. To say that it was tough, that's an understatement. The day was so hard. The HUGE rainstorm, it was fitting. Just as we got to the cemetery, the rain came. Like the earth was also mourning for my dear friend.

Nothing was harder than watching his casket being lowered. The wave of emotion that hit me. In that instant, I was numb with emotions. Like this was the finale. Now, it was true. My friend had gone to heaven.

It was a tough day. A day of sadness. Glorious sadness. I know my friend is now an Angel. Flying high above us. No longer in pain. Not suffering. But for those of us, that loved him, the sadness is overwhelming us. We're looking for comfort. For love. And only time will bring us comfort. ♥

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