Thursday, August 19, 2010


I happen to really like working out. Being sick, I don't always get to. But I try. I especially like running. Outside. Not on a treadmill.

And because of his job, My Guy also has to workout. He doesn't quite share my love of it. But he has to workout. His trainer comes to the house in the mornings. Um, probably not the best. My Guy is also not a morning person. That's how I started working out with his trainer...

So I have a good 90-120 minute workout Monday-Thursday. We do lots of weight training and cardio stuff. But on the weekends, My Guy and I are usually on our own. Because we're on the road. So I have to figure things out. My Guy gets a good workout from his work. Me? I run. And I depend on fun workouts. Like pilates, yoga, various exercise tapes...and now...Zumba.

It's probably been about 2 1/2 years since I first discovered it. And I LOVE it! It's like dancing. Not working out. And I happen to LOVE to drag my friends with me. Until my bestie got pregnant, we used to go to at least 1 class a week together. Lots of times, it was much more than that. :)

But honestly, if you're looking for a fun workout, one that is mostly dancing, this is the one you should try! It's so much fun! ♥

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