Saturday, August 28, 2010

Marie's Lingerie Party

How do I know that I'm getting older? Well, I'm hosting things like Baby Showers, Bridal Parties, and today...a Lingerie Party. It's for my good friend, Marie. She's getting married at the end of September. And we happen to be very close. Because she is one of my dancers, for when I perform. :)

My Guy has been really great about the whole thing too! He has endured long nights of me searching the internet for the perfect invitations, decorations, fabric, games, prizes, etc. I've spent hours making things. And even longer planning things. He's been great! Even though our home is starting to look like "Party Central!"

My Guy even gave up his trip to "Tropical Paradise," to come with me to my hometown. How did we mess that up? I still don't know. I swore that we planned this party on a week that he was working. But on his "Off Weekend" he came with me, to the desert. Don't feel too bad for him! We're still going to the beach for a few days. :)

But I wanted this to be special for Marie. She is 1 of 6 ladies that dance with me. We're all close. And actually, Josie is planning a wedding for this coming Spring. To say that we're all close, well that doesn't quite say enough. We're like sisters.

So I hope today is just perfect. I hope it's everything that Marie expected, and so much more! A few months ago, we had her Bridal Shower. Very beautiful, and classy. All her family and friends were there. But this party, it's more of a fun night for Marie. Just to let her hair down, and enjoy her upcoming nuptials.

And it's going to be an all day adventure. Starting with mani-pedis. And maybe some fun hairstyling. Then we're going out for lunch. And some shopping. You know, we have to have a little fun! Just the 10 of us are going out together. That includes our 3 other friends....Manders (MUA), D (2nd MUA), and Cole (Our Stylist.) Should be fun!

But tonight, there will be a whole lot more friends there. I'm making Tapas for the party. One of our favorite things ever! And I'm sure that Mr. G will enjoy the loot that Marie collects tonight. What man doesn't like beautiful lingerie on his "Lady Love?" ♥

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