Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Purple Smokey Eyes

I'm a "Brown Eyed Girl." And a performer. So makeup, it's just part of my life. I have an amazing friend and MUA...all in one. Mrs. Manders. And she does an amazing job with my makeup.

But before her, it was a lot of trial and error. Mostly error. I'm not going to lie. And where in the heck were my friends? They let me go out in public like that! Blue eye shadow, pink cheeks, and those was not good. Even in my red, white, and blue cheerleading uniform!

But a few tricks that I've learned along the way, and have really enjoyed, are mostly regarding technique. Good technique means you can wear almost any color and look. :) Makes me really happy!

I've also learned that I really enjoy a nice smokey eye. Even for an "Every day" look. You just have to adjust the colors, to where you are going. You know, I'll wear a nice neutral-brown smokey eye for work at the hospital. But I'll wearing a teal smokey eye to a gig. Especially when we wear our teal trajes. Heck, my favorite, is a good, old-fashion black smokey eye. With a red lip. Very nice for both mariachi and pin-up style performing.

And lastly, a good purple is amazing for us "Brown Eyed Gals!" I'm really liking Kandee's take on it too! Grab some purple eye shadow, and lets start playing! You know, makeup is a lot of fun when you don't end up looking like a clown. I had enough of those days in high school. Now, it's all about fun and elegance. ♥

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