Sunday, August 29, 2010


Marie's Lingerie Party was a total success! And we had a blast! She left with so much lingerie, it was actually hilarious! Honestly, I can't imagine having better friends than I have. They really are amazing.

But right now, My Guy and I have our feet stuck in the sand. Enjoying the beach, sun, and some beautiful waves. I wish you could be here with us. But you know, even we have to get away for a day or so. :)

But this song, it just reminds me a bit of My Guy. I don't know what it is. Beer? Good times? Laid back? Probably all of them. Even if he only has a single beer on Mondays. The man cracks me up! But there you go. You know a little more about the man I love!

Back to relaxing with my love. He really does look pretty handsome. Just relaxed. In fact, I think he has fallen asleep. It's simply a beautiful day! Happy Sunday! ♥

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