Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sing Sweet Nightingale

You'd be so surprised at how many messages I get about my blog name, my e-mail address, and my twitter name. Why Nightingale? Because that's the nickname that My Guy gave me when we met.

You see, we met when I was performing a gig in Las Vegas. And he said something about my voice. Being soothing, smooth, and beautiful. I think he was trying to use some sort of pick up line or something. :) But somehow, that turned into Nightingale.

It's not much more exciting than that. One of his really good friends always refers to "Nightingale" when they tease My Guy. Because they all work together. And we've decided to keep our relationship on the DL. Just because of the public nature of his job. It's hilarious. Maybe one day, more people will get to hear the story.

Now My Guy says that he lives with a Nightingale. Because I'm always singing. Always! It's a little hilarious. But that's what I do. So there you go...I'm My Guy's Sweet Nightingale...and I like to sing. ♥

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