Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Apron and DVD Giveaway

Megan has out done herself again! Do you remember her birthday giveaways? I blogged about them a while back. Well now, Megan is giving away an apron and a DVD!

Where does she get all these cute kitchen towels that she uses for her aprons? They're adorable!

Look at how cute all these aprons look! I just love the way aprons look hung on the clothesline. :)

This is my favorite one. I just love all the veggies. And of course, the red! So very cute.

This pineapple apron is also so cute! It's just a little spunky and fun. :)

I'm telling you, Megan is super talented! Have you seen her crochet blog, Crochet Every Day? If you are a crocheter, you definitely need to go take a look. And even if you're not, I would still go look at her blog! It's just that cute. And your probably wondering, which items I wish I could win. Well that would be the red veggie apron, or a season of Grey's Anatomy. Hello! My favorite show! So hurry up and go enter her contest! ♥

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