Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Sancho!

When does 3 + 1 = Loads of Fun? When it's this man's birthday! 31st to be exact. Happy Birthday Sancho!

I can't believe it. We've almost been friends for 10 years. And during those 10 years, well, we've been through a lot! Including dating. But through it all, we've remained friends. We've played and sung together. Being quite hilarious might I add. We hid a relationship. Then later lived together, as 2 poor kids. He nursed me, through the beginning, of the Big C.

Through everything, Sancho has done it with a HUGE smile on his face. I'm very lucky to know him. I thank God every day that he crossed our paths. There have been so many laughs and tears shared. None that I'd ever take back. Isn't that what good friendships are all about?

I'm so glad that Sancho has been able to live out his dreams. He set goals for himself, and never looked back. Not once. He's accomplished so much. And I'm so proud to call him, my friend. I always get excited, when we decide to work a gig together. Or we're actually in the same place, at the same time. Because our time is spent laughing, and trying to play catch up. How fast can you tell your life history??? Yes, we're those 2 people.

Happy Birthday Hombre! You're getting old. But that's OK. I'm just a few years behind you. Have a blast. Go out and celebrate. And maybe just maybe, year 31 will bless you with something amazing and unexpected! Feliz Cumpleanos!!!

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