Saturday, July 30, 2011

When Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You

We have this friend, she's a spokesperson, for one of the Fortune 500 Companies, that we all know and love. She was very good at her job. It was the perfect fit for her personality.

And because we all travel together, we've personally gotten closer. To the point that I'd go running with her. We'd spend significant time together. It wasn't unusual for her to join us for dinner. This was a real friendship. Much more than a professional, work type of a relationship.

Well, she didn't make the best decisions as a young adult. And very recently, some questionable photos became public. As they say around here, "Her past came back, to bite her in the butt." And oh did it! In short, she lost her job. Her "Dream Job." And with it, I think a part of who she is. Unfortunately, she also lost the respect of so many people.

The last few weeks haven't been too kind to her. Lots of lawyers. Lots of heartbreak. A ton of shame. She just can't believe what's going on. How one bad decision, years ago, could be doing this to her life now. You can't help but feel bad for her. But then, I think to myself, I'd never do that. I'd never do that, because this very thing could happen. And I couldn't deal with that.

I feel bad for our friend. Because what happened, well it's just was sad. Shameful. And uncalled for. Something that she did when she was young, came back to haunt her. Pictures that she took, meant for one other person, are now available for all to see. Being the "dumb kid," years ago, has really had a negative effect on her current life.

In short, when you become a "public" person, anything and everything, becomes game. It's unfortunate. But it happens. All of a sudden, you are this very "public entity." And everyone wants to take you down. So all your past gets thrown around. Whether it was good or bad.

I think this is a lesson for young people to learn. Everything and anything that you do, will eventually come back to haunt you. If you wouldn't show your grandma what you're doing, maybe you should think twice, before you do. Especially when it comes to taking "questionable" pictures. Yes, you might be madly in love today. But just like our friend, tomorrow you might hate each other. And that person, might just want to embarrass you. Right when you land your "Dream Job." ♥

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