Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For the LOVE of Headbands!

I've been loving headbands for a while now. I have at least 20 saved to my favorites. Trying to decide which ones to buy first. They're all so beautiful. And they make any bad hair day, instantly a GREAT hair day! Here are 5 of my favorites...

This Poppy Headband, oh it just makes me smile. And why wouldn't it? Those flowers just scream fun to me!

Love Stitched roses. On a headband! Are you serious? I might just die from happiness. Because, hello, it's simple and beautiful!

This fabulous headband that Miss Ashley is wearing, well it started my love for headbands. It lead to many late nights of searching Etsy, for the most perfect headband. And honestly, those colors just make life happier!

Yes, this entire picture makes me smile! The headband, hair, and winter-y accessories. Just Lovely Things knows exactly how to do it! It all makes me want Fall and Winter to come soon! So very soon!

Can you tell that I LOVE Just Lovely Things headbands? Yes, they are beautiful. And this one, is just so girly! It makes my silly "Palm Tree" hairdo a little more tolerable, and fashionable.

Yes, I'm in LOVE with headbands these days. If you have any favorites, please leave me a link. Or if there is a shop, that you think I should know about, please tell me! I'm looking for more amazing pieces to add to my collection. Please point me in the right direction.

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