Sunday, July 24, 2011

15 Years of Urban Decay

Oh ya! This is the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette! I about died, when this man came home with it, just a few weeks ago. Nicely wrapped up. Seriously, how does he have connections, in the "Beauty World." Oh ya, he's got "people." :P That's what he tells me, when I ask. I'm just glad, that his people, keep finding amazing products like this!

But back to the makeup! This palette is a little pricey. $55 for these 15 shadows. I'll admit it, I was pondering this purchase. Since I had heard about, I was curious. And I was intrigued by this new palette. Who wouldn't be? I just couldn't get past the price tag.

Now that I have this beauty to play with, I'll still say, it's priced slightly above value. Higher, in my opinion, than other Urban Decay palettes. But with that said, I do enjoy this palette. There are plenty of neutrals. But there are also a few fun and bright colors. A perfect mix, to go from work appropriate makeup, to fun party looks.

I was never the "Makeup Phenom." I had to become skilled in makeup, as my career in music grew. And I've been blessed with an amazing friend and personal MUA. Who teaches me so much! But this palette, I'd recommend for anyone! I'm talking makeup newbies, and makeup artists. There is so much, for everyone.

I'd even like to mention, that while I was in high school, this would have been perfect! Like I said, I wasn't all skilled in makeup application. This beauty, would have made all that so much easier! The shadows blend magically, effortlessly. These days, I just can't imagine life without Urban Decay. What did we do before the company came around? ♥

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