Thursday, July 28, 2011

Incredibly Sad

The news of Amy Winehouse's death, well it just made me sad. What a talented individual she was. A real singer. Not one of these "Manufactured Pop Stars" that we know of. But a real musical talent.

So many things seemed to be wrong in her life. So much trouble, and pain, seemed to envelope Amy. And it's incredibly sad, that no one could save her from it. We don't know what her cause of death is. And I'm not going to speculate anything here. I just wish, that for such a talented and gifted woman, that she would have had a good support team.

I first heard Amy's music, from a friend. This was before it ever was released in the USA. And I was mesmerized. There was just something about her voice. An old school voice. And I was sold. She was almost instantly, one of my favorite singers.

I never really followed the drama in Amy's life. I never bought the magazines, or searched the web. But you couldn't escape it. The drama, and her weaknesses, were splashed all over. On magazine covers, TV, radio, newspapers, and even the news. My heart broke for her.

And it still breaks for Amy. Because she had so much to share with the world. Her untimely death, just makes me sad. I hope that Amy can now find peace and happiness. Something she seemed to be looking for, her entire life. Rest in peace. ♥

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