Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Girls...

I've been hunting down this particular crochet book. For a couple of months now. I've searched in every craft store near me. With absolutely no luck! What's going on? It's everywhere on the web. But I don't want to order it. Then have to pay for shipping. I know. I'm cheap. But hey, at least I admit it.

I guess I should just order it. It will save me some stress. And you know, my first stop in every single craft store in the area, won't have to be the crochet books. :) But really, why does this always happen. And you know what else happens...the shipping is always so high. Like 50% of the actual price.

But honestly, if you can get your hands on this sweet book, you definitely should! It's great. With tons of cute patterns. For little girls. If I do end up ordering it, I'll probably also throw in the Boy Book. You know, for good measure. ♥

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