Saturday, April 2, 2011

Red Riding Hood

I'm not sure why, I'm so into this book and movie. But I am. Maybe because I dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. Or because as a little girl, I really like Little Red Riding Hood. But anyway that you spin it, I really like this story.

I started to see the commercials, for the movie, about a month ago. And instantly, I told My Guy that we were going to have to go see it. We still haven't had a chance. But we're definitely going. And for my birthday, my mom bought me the book.

But because of life, I just hadn't had the time to sit and read. Until this weekend. We've been doing a lot of traveling. For My Guy's work. And I've had the chance to read, while he is either taking a quick nap, or working.

I was so excited to get to read yesterday! I had a lot of work. But I decide that during our "travel time," I'd read. And read I did! I almost finished the book. And I probably would have finished it, had I not had so much work. Oh, and I fell asleep, on the way home.

But this is such a quick read. And I finished it this morning. While I was putting off my real work. I really liked this book. So much! Until the end. I just didn't like the way it ended. Even with the last chapter. Which you have to get online.

Maybe this is going to be a series of books, or something. I hope so. Because that would be the only way to explain the ending. I've never read any of the Harry Potter or Twilight books. I was just not interested. But this new version of Little Red Riding Hood, I'm all over it!

Have you read this book? Or seen the movie? What do you think? I would recommend this book. I'm just hoping that there is a second book. I feel like there are too many unanswered questions. Or maybe, I'm just a romantic at heart. ♥

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