Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Laughter and Friends

Sometimes you just need to laugh. And to laugh really hard, with amazing friends, good family, or a great boyfriend. And today, I was lucky enough to spend some time with Emmers and Vi. Old college friends.

We had a quick lunch. Because Vi and I are working. Then, with our "significant others," we met for a fun dinner. A late dinner. But a fun dinner. Sorry everyone. The whole, getting out at 8PM is not the best. But we learn how to make do. And we had a great time. Being an intern, well I'm not letting that, get me down. Even if I'm not sleeping...

Laughter is what I've been needing a lot of. Lately, life has been too serious. Too rigid. Too tough. Too serious. And almost too much. It was nice to just catch up with my friends. To laugh until my belly hurt. Oh, and then laugh some more.

What is better, than watching the guys laugh so much? It was hilarious! I swear, I thought they were going to knock our table over. Scotty and the beer...priceless. Beer shooting out his nose, how can you laugh that hard? I'm not sure. But it was funny! We really did enjoy ourselves.

Yes, we had a great time! Laughed so much, my belly is sore right now. But it was what I needed. What I desperately needed. We have a few more days left in Dallas. And we're definitely meeting up again. Because these ladies, are just what the doctor ordered. Great friends, good times, and a little bit of a distraction from "real life." If I could just bottle up some of that laughter... ♥

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