Thursday, April 7, 2011

Making Sweet Smiles

This man has gotten me addicted, to these sweet treats. And when I tell you sweet, I mean it! Unlike M&M's, I'm lucky to eat 1/3 of a package, of these babies. Super sweet. Super yummy! And I'm not entirely sure, how I missed these treats. all these years.

I've walked past the packages many times. Just thinking, why? Why would you buy them? Wouldn't it be like M&M's with peanut butter. I've tried those. And wasn't a huge fan. But these guys, they're different.

And so we're addicted. Completely addicted! A package is easily devoured, while watching the latest episode of The Office. We're not even embarrassed to say that. Although, I'm sure my waistline is going to start fighting us. Maybe an extra mile of running will help us. :) ♥

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