Wednesday, April 6, 2011

God Bless Texas

Yes, God Bless Texas! It could easily be said, if My Guy didn't have to live, in the Southeast for work, we'd probably live in Texas. Not here in the Dallas area. But somewhere off on a Ranch. Because that's what we enjoy. Nature. In all her beauty! :)

But you can't go wrong working here. At least 2 weeks at of the year, we somehow line up our schedules, and work here. In the Lonestar State. It's beautiful. The way of life, is amazing. Easy going, hard working, enjoying everything life has to offer. Just what we like!

Most of all, this week, is about enjoying our friends. Because of our crazy schedules, we rarely get to spend time with our friends. But this is one of those weeks, when we simply make time. And lots of it. Without good friends, well life isn't so fun.

The early part of our week, was dedicated to work. Working really hard and long hours. But also, spending time with my friends, in the evenings. Later this week, will be all about spending time with My Guy's friends. And his crazy long work hours. But it's the fun that gets us through these "tough schedules."

Sometimes you just have to remember the simplicity in life. The things that matter most. And somehow, "magic" just happens in Texas. We can't explain it. It just happens. You laugh bigger, eat more, and just breath better. We're so happy, to be in this wonderful state all week. God Bless Texas! ♥

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