Monday, April 4, 2011


I guess it could be worse. My house could be floating down the road. But it's not. I could have been home, and gotten sick. Someone could have gotten hurt. Something really bad could have happened. But it didn't.

What am I talking about? Well, for my Facebook and Twitter friends, you saw my post last night. I had a my house. That I didn't know about. And my friend found it. The carpet has been soaked for a few days. Add in the record breaking heat, and we have trouble!

What makes all of this worse, is that I'm working all week in Dallas. So is My Guy. And at the earliest, we can get to my house on Sunday. Sunday people! So I freaked. About had a heart attack. It didn't help that we were "in-flight" at the moment. From the east coast to Dallas.

Instantly, I went from trying to cheer up My Guy, to him trying to calm me down. So much for his "bad day" at work. I was now in crisis mode. And honestly, there was not much that I could do. But call a few people. Like my cousin and his wife.

This happening to me. The OCD person. With everything in it's place at all times. Insanely clean house. And now, MY BEDROOM is flooded! The carpet is possibly growing mold. Yuck! And who knows what else is going on...

So Amaya found the soaked carpet Sunday evening. She was staying at my house for a few days. Because she was in town working. We do this quite often. And after the soaked carpet in the hallway, she found that my bedroom and bathroom were completely soaked! The water even ran into my den. OMG!

She didn't know what to do. Was a few 100 miles away, from the people she knows. And her home. So she called me. I panicked. Called a few people. Then decided to call Fern. He showed up with a "Shop Vac." And tried to soak up some of the water. But, it had been a few days. :(

So from what I hear, my bedroom closet, linen closet, heater (in a closet thing), hallway, master bathroom, master bedroom, and the den were all soaked. And things are smelling a little "horrible."

Fern was sweet enough to offer Amaya a place to stay. And to open up the windows in my house. He also put all the fans on, brought in a few more (like 8 more), and just got everything drying out.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do. But I do know, Sunday, we're heading to my house. Then we will evaluate things. Fern said there is no broken or leaking pipes. We're not entirely sure how the water got in. Other than, through the shower drain. Imagine that. But how? We have no clue!

My Guy called a contractor to go check things out. Fern turned off the water. And well, we wait. At the bare minimum, the carpet will have to be replaced. And probably the tile in the master bathroom. Other than that, we are not entirely sure.

I do know that a few things were damaged. Like a bookshelf. And some speakers. Possibly a sound system. Probably some shoes, and maybe some clothes. I'm not entirely sure what else, I had on the floor or in the closet. I haven't lived there in a few years.

This is definitely not the way, that I saw this week going. I'm majorly stressed out. And I have to work long hours this week. But I'm learning all about faith. And how to just hand over this kind of stuff to God. He will help. At least no one was hurt. And I still have a place to live. The rest, well it can be replaced. ♥

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Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh Im so sorry about your place. I hope that everything will be find. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Kisses