Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October!!!

If you know anything about me, know this. I LOVE to decorate for the holidays. LOVE IT!!! I'm pretty sure, I have my Auntie Chuchie to thank for that. I remember decorating, when I was little. We'd start in September, to decorate for Halloween. Days after Halloween, those decorations came down. And immediately, the Christmas decorations went up.

When I moved into my own home, well I became a "Decorating Diva." As my neighbors would call me. :) I immediately started a "Wreath Collection." And well, everyone knew what time of year it was, just by looking at my home.

These days, I still decorate. But I try to make it a little more "Homemade with Love." I take more care, with what I buy. And put up. I like to go with "color palettes." And I try to put up "Fall Decorations," in September. And then sprinkle in Halloween things in October. Then "edit" just a bit, and add in Thanksgiving items, in November.

With that being said, I'm always looking for a new idea. Something interesting. And a little sweet. I've already put up some orange lights. Not pumpkins, but orange twinkle lights. There might even be some purple ones in our kitchen. :) But I wanted to try a few new things. So like any blogger, I headed to Pinterest for some inspiration.

I found this adorable wreath. Something that I probably should have found a month ago! I like the use of burlap. And those flowers. Oh, those flowers!!! I think this would be one of those pieces, that can take you from September, to the end of November.

This wreath looks fairly easy to make. I'd start with making lots of orange flowers. Maybe in September have more red and orange. Then change the red to black, in October. And as we get into November, change the black to mustard. The simple sign inside, is another piece that can easily be exchanged. I've seen similar pieces at Hobby Lobby. :)

Now this wreath screams "Halloween" to me! I adore this wreath. The entire look of it. Traditional, in terms of a wreath. A bit trendy, with the zebra print bow. And just fun, with the folds. This my friends, is going to be my project for the week. :)

Now this, is a mantel! This is what I'm talking about, when I say, I work with a "color palette." Last year, we went with a black and white "themed" mantel. In our den. Honestly, it was my favorite.

I went out, and bought a bunch of decorations at a thrift store. You know, the old, ceramic type. And I painted them black and white. Some were just owls. Others were traditional pumpkins. It was definitely fun!

Decorating can be so easy, and fun. Even holiday decorating, can be elegant. And can reflect, on the decor of your home. It's October 1st. And I've already got pumpkins, on our dining room table. And a few "spooky decorations" on our entry table. This is just the beginning. Especially after searching through Pinterest for 2 hours! ♥

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