Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mix and Match for Fall

One of my absolute, favorite things about Fall, are the colors. The rich colors. The mix of textures. Oh, I could just go on and on, for days. Instead, I was searching through Polyvore last night. Passing some time, before calling a friend.

What did I find? Well, lots of things. But there was one board, that completely stuck out to me. I don't know what it was. But I adored it. What do you think?

Mostly, I like the colors. The variety of colors. But more than anything, I like the idea of mixing textures. Of mixing, and matching pieces, from different seasons. For example, that dress might be from Spring or Summer. Those shoes, and that ring, are definitely Summer pieces. But that jacket, and the makeup, scream Fall and Winter to me.

That's the thing I love about Fall. You can mix and match so much. To get that perfect look. OK, I'm not in love with these shoes. But I like the color. Maybe I'd pair this outfit, with a similarly colored clutch. Perhaps find a pair of coral and pink earrings. And a turquoise blue ring. Taking these colors, but using them in a slightly, different way.

Quite in fact, this little picture, has inspired me. I'm sort of challenged by it. And now, I'm dying to dig through my closet. To see what I can pair together. What pieces would go well. As we transition from Summer, to Fall. ♥

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