Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dreaming in Red...

Lately, I've been dreaming of rich, and romantic colors. Mostly, of red, purple, and blue. Not together. But as a base, for certain rooms. We are quite the "Fans of Color," around this home!

My bedroom, in my own home, is a deep purple. It's so incredibly rich. With a "Moroccan theme." And I adore it! Between the accessories, my favorite color, and all the makes me miss home. Just thinking of my room.

I took to Pinterest. To see what other people were cooking up. And I came across a lot of nice spaces. I just feel like, we need a room in our home, like this. I mean, this guy, has the most amazing "Poker Room." Painted a deep, burnt orange. So why can't I have a "Red Reading Room?"

I'm using this picture as inspiration. I actually ventured out the other day, and found a beautiful desk. Just perfect for this space. With some incredible lanterns, candles, and accessories. They just need to be cleaned up.

As far as a comfy chair, and sofa...we just ordered them. I found a style that I like. But had to have it ordered, in the color, and fabric, that I LOVE!!! Oh, and the same company, is re-upholstering an amazing chair I found. For the desk. :)

I've also set out, to find the perfect rug. And curtains. I guess I could sew the curtains. But I'm honestly, not "feeling it" right now. Never fear. I will be doing a tad bit of sewing. In the form of pillows. And possibly a throw.

Even that was quite a story. I'd been eyeing this fabric. But at $50+ a yard, was not going to buy it. I'd look at it. Think about. Run around, look at pillows. Price everything. Try to figure out, what was the best "Bang for My Buck." Ultimately, this guy had enough of my indecisiveness.

Rather, he knows me. And knows that if he doesn't buy the fabric, I'll continue like this...quite possibly, forever. So he ordered a "boat load" of fabric. I almost died, when I got home one day. And all this lush fabric, was waiting for me.

Speaking of, I might just find someone to make those drapes for me. I'm 100% positive, we have more than enough fabric. I just don't like making window treatments. I don't know why. I just don't like it.

But there you go. My next little project. Like I need one. Right? We already have a library. But there's this perfect little room, that was begging for some love. And I just had to go help her out. Besides, the lighting is perfect! And the views are breathtaking. It's the most perfect place, to read, write, and just "be."

People always ask me, "What do you do without little ones?" This my friends, is what "child-less couples" do. They work on their homes. They redecorate. They become DIY champs! Who knows, one day, we might repaint one of these rooms, to be a nursery. One day. Until then...well, I've got a "Red Baby" to tackle! ♥

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