Monday, October 29, 2012

A Loft Space

This guy's mom has a pretty amazing home. I'll admit it, I was lucky enough, to do the interior design. It's what, in my opinion, "bonded" the 2 of us. Really bonded us. We worked on the entire home, together. Start to finish. Over a year. It was one of my favorite projects!

These days, her grand babies, are spending much more time with grandma. So grandma decided it's time to make a few changes. To her lovely home. Changes that will allow the girls, to have a space of their own.

First we had to decide on a room. Well, Mrs. J has a beautiful loft space. And after much thought, we've decided to move her "reading room," to a lower level. Then make the loft area, a space for the girls. Great ideas.

I asked Mrs. J, to look for some inspiration. I had an idea. The girls had an idea. But this is Mrs. J's home. I want her to have a space that she can enjoy. Even when the girls aren't there. And what did Mrs. J fall in love with? The same picture that I'd saved to my computer. :)

People it was something, that just made me happy. With a few splashes of color, I knew this would be perfect for the girls. Heck, as they get older, we can change the accent colors. And Little W, can also enjoy this space.

We've slowly been tackling this. With all that's been going on, in this man's life, it's been slower than expected. But we picked out the wood flooring. And the wood for the one accent wall. We didn't want to feel like we were in a "tree." That's not with this remodel was all about. So we decided on one wood wall.

For the ceiling, we're going with something a bit different. A paper technique. So that will have to wait a bit. Until all the other "heavy work" is done. After taking a look last night, we're right on schedule!

The floors are installed. A window seat has been built. The trim is painted and installed. The walls are painted. Heck, in just 2 weeks, we've got a fully functioning bathroom!!! OK, I'm getting excited. :)

This week, we're focusing on the fun stuff. Like that ceiling. Oh, I can't wait! I'm also waiting to hear back, from the carpenter. Who is building us beds. That are so fun! And when they are not being used as beds, can easily be transformed, into comfy couches.

This is just one of those really fun projects. One that I'm happy to be a part of. The room has an "outdoor" feel to it. With tons of light. A very spacious feeling. To me, it feels a bit like, living in a glamorous tree house. With a bit of sparkle, that only girls can appreciate. Something I would have adored, when I was little. ♥

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