Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I've Got to Get Creative...

I've got a few friends who are expecting. Some cutie patootie, babes they will be! My friends have asked me to do them a favor. Crochet them up some cute "photo props." Oh boy! I've got to make a little sock monkey outfit. And a few giraffe hats.

I don't have a pattern. Nor can I find one. But my friends, made sure to e-mail me the pictures, that they liked. I'm thinking, they are from Etsy. But I'm not sure.

Isn't this the cutest monkey, that you've ever seen? Boy, I'm in love!!! Now to figure out how to make this little outfit. I'm thinking, everything about this should be pretty easy. The hat looks like a basic, "ear flap hat." With a little face. The little diaper cover, shouldn't be too hard. I'm thinking, the toughest part of this, is going to be, figuring out those ears...

This giraffe seems a little more "complicated." Not by much. But still more thought, will have to go into it. I'm thinking, another basic "ear flap hat." The ears remind me of little leaves. It's those "horn type" things on top...that might be a bit of an issue.

Actually, I'm really excited about this. I think it should be fun. The monkey is for my good friend Dawn. And the giraffe, actually I need to make 2 of those. For my friend Amber. I work with her. And she's expecting twins in December. I better get moving! ♥

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