Friday, October 19, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

A few days ago, My Guy and I headed to my parents' cabin. My Mom had asked me to go and "winterize" the place. Because, they just couldn't get out there. Being that this guy is taking a little break from work right now, totally played into this plan.

We headed to Albertson's for a few necessities. And then across the street, to Walgreen's. You know, before heading to the mountains. Where the nearest store, is over an hour away. We needed to stock up, on a few things. Nothing too nuts. As we were only going to be there, for 2 days.

But that didn't seem to bother, little 'ol me. :) First of all, I'm pretty sure, I bought out these little guys. My favorite candy. That I can't find anywhere else...

Why are they my favorite? I don't know. Probably because these are my favorite flavors. And I don't have to eat lemon candies. That I just don't like.

Oh, and I couldn't resist the "Beauty Section." Where I bought my new favorite nail polish. L'Oreal's "Eiffel For You." It looks pretty purple, or lavender, in this picture. But in reality, it's more of a grey color. A great neutral for Fall.

Oh, and of course my favorite purchase!!! Gooseberry Patch's Halloween magazine. It's loaded with tons of fun ideas for Halloween. Not just food people! Decorating ideas. And little gifts too! The price was a little high. But with a nice coupon, I only paid $4!!!

Yes, I've spent the last few days trying new recipes. Dreaming of all the things, I'm going to make this month. Writing out lists of supplies, I'll need. Oh, and enjoying my candy. Seriously people, why can't I find it at other stores? ♥

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