Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summertime Favorite

I have to put these out there. I'm definitely what you would call a "Girly, Girl." I LOVE makeup, clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories. All that good stuff. But I've never really felt like I was a gorgeous woman.

Most of this might be, because I cheered when I was younger. And was surrounded by gorgeous girls. My Mom didn't really wear makeup. So I was on my own there. My hair has always been a "Thorn in My Side." That sort of thing.

But as I've gotten older, I've really begun to enjoy these things much more. A lot of this probably has something to do with this lady, and this lady. Oh, and because I've become a performer now. And it's my "job" to dress up, and look nice.

Well, as much as I love all these things, in the "Heat of Summer," I'm not a fan! Not at all! In fact, for the last few weeks, I've been sporting leggings, and some sort of long and flowy tank top. Oh, and those ballet flats. My hair is up and out of my face. Makeup is at a bare minimum.

But I don't think it's a "Bad Thing." Heck no! It leaves more time to enjoy life. And I feel so much "lighter." Heck, I'm pretty sure, my skin and hair are thanking me right now. But the one thing that I've always really gotten into, during the Summer, is nail color!

Yes, it's my one thing. It's definitely a "Summer Thing." I paint my nails 2-3 times a week. I probably buy 4 nail polishes a week! It's so addictive. Because it's my way of adding color, to my outfit. And honestly, painted nails are s cute!

Well, in the Summer I usually gravitate towards 2 colors. White or Essie's Turks & Caicos. I know! But they remind me of Summer. I sport the white for 3 or 4 weeks. Then add that gorgeous turquoise color for a week or so.

Last week, My Bestie needed to make a quick run to the store. She was all out of chocolate! And we all know what happens when Hills doesn't have chocolate! :) So we headed to a local CVS. She went looking for candy, and ice cream. I got caught up by this gorgeous display of L'Oreal nail polish!

And what in the world did I find? Some of the most gorgeous colors! Colors that all the "expensive brands" are carrying right now. I quickly picked 4, got my favorite magazines, and a couple of cards. Yes, I know! But it was some last minute stuff that I needed, before we left on vacation. :)

This gorgeous color is called, "Club Prive." This incredibly creamy, aqua color. Immediately, I was in LOVE!!! When we got back, I realized I'd forgotten Turks & Caicos at home. Good thing I picked this baby up!

2 things you should know. Maybe 3. This color is almost exactly the same as Essie's Turks & Caicos. But it only cost $5! It's very similar to China Glaze's For Audrey. Except For Audrey is a bit more blue. Unless you're like me, you probably wouldn't notice this. Oh, and the consistency of the polish, is AMAZING!!!

So we've been on the water, and the beach, for days now! My nails have been painted since last Friday. No base coat. No top coat. This polish is amazing!!! It might just be my new Summertime favorite! :) I can't wait to get back, to try my other 3 colors!!! ♥

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