Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Good, The Bad, And Some Fun Time!!!

Hi everyone! Long time, no chat. :) Well, this guy and I, were enjoying a piece of paradise. It was a nice time away. But turns out, the old blog, was flipping out while I was away. :(

I had a post, set for each day that we were away. Sadly, as you can tell...they didn't post. I don't know what's up. Only that in the "Edit Posts" tab, they show as POSTED. Go figure. I contacted Blogger. Hopefully, within the next few days, they'll be up. Sorry ahead of time. I assume you're feeds, are going to get a little filled up...

But back to the good things. We're in a beautiful, yet extremely H-O-T place! Filled with tons of history!!! I'm getting to spend the day with My Bestie and Baby C. :) Good times people! While My Guy and his friend, are sadly working. All. Day. Long!!!

It's nice to catch up with friends. Especially since it's been so long, since I've last seen My Bestie. And beautiful Baby C!!! Turns out, they've been enjoying tons of "Family Time!!!" And enjoying our friends' new babies. Yes, a few new babies are in town. :)

And with that being said, we're just going to relax. What can I say? I still feel like I'm on vacation. :) Maybe I'll do a little crocheting. Like this fun little project...

What do you think? It doesn't hurt that I adore cupcakes! Between don't you just adore Twinkie Chan? I do! A few years ago, I ran across her on the internet. And now, I'm a HUGE fan! Her book, I'm totally IN LOVE with it too! Happy Saturday!!!

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