Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wise Owl Tote Bag: Week 4

I almost forget that it was Sunday. I know! We're back from our vacation. But my brain still hasn't caught up. How are your bags coming along? Are they starting to look like owls?

I've gotten tons of fun e-mails this week. With pictures of your bags. Wow! They look AMAZING!!! If you want to send me yours, e-mail me at SweetNightingaleSing (at) gmail (dot) com.

This week, is going to be all about the little parts. The things I generally lose, if I don't attach them immediately! Please tell me, I'm not alone! This week, our goal is to make the inner eyes, outer eyes, and the beak. Oh, and attach everything! You know, so we don't lose them. :)

Before we go much further, don't forget this week, we'll be needing 2-12mm buttons for the eyes. I found some cute and inexpensive ones at Wal-Mart. They come in packs of 6 for $2. A wonderful buy if you ask me! Oh, and we'll also be needing a sewing needle. I like to use "tapestry needles," for this kind of work. But use whatever you feel comfortable with.

Lastly, don't forget to leave long tails, at the end of these pieces. It makes it A LOT easier to sew them in place. And then to hide the ends later. Now let's have a wonderful week crocheting! And if you need some help don't hesitate to contact Cari or I. Now let's give our owls a little personality! ♥

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