Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little K and Summertime Fun!!!

Little K has got to be the funniest 6 year old I know! We're in Florida. And the first thing she said, when she got here was, "Can we look at some blogs?" Her sister was ready to hit the beach. Have some fun on the beach. But Little K, was ready to read some blogs. Because in her words, "I NEED some ideas for Summer!"

Did you say Slurpee? I have to admit, that when our "Little Nieces" lived with us, I spoiled them a bit. Especially Little K. Mostly because her sister was in school. And she had to hangout with me. What did we do? At least twice a week, we'd share a Slurpee. :)

So 2 weeks ago, when I saw this picture...I had to do some digging. That's when I found this recipe. I knew Little K would adore a Kool Aid Slurpee. Girl has been here 2 days. And we've already made these 4 times!

This little beauty, you probably recognize it from the Home Depot commercials. Well, when this guy saw it, back in May, he wanted to make it for Little K. Doesn't it look fun? At this point, construction is done. All that needs to be completed is, painting it. And filling it up with sand. Perfect for our sand loving niece. At least we thought.

But Little K had another idea. She's been carrying around a sales flyer from Big Lots. For months! It's dated sometime in February. Why? Because Little K wants this "Sand and Water Table."And she was ready to tell her Uncle all about it! Forget that he's spent all this time, making her a sandbox. She wants this $20 toy...

So we spent 3 hours reading blogs. Looking at pictures. And "Window Shopping." All while enjoying our Slurpees. And snacking on some fresh fruit. All of this, makes me just want to spend a month, hanging out with Little K. She is a firecracker. All by herself! Looks like our Summer is going to be full of fun! ♥

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