Saturday, July 28, 2012

Texas Green Sauce

I think by now, you know that I'm from the Southwest. Born and raised. Until I met this guy, it was the only place I'd ever called home. I've lived in a few cities, in the southwest. For a short time, I lived in another state...still in the southwest.

So you should know, I was raised on all things chili. It's the one thing that I miss most, about living in the South. Especially the Southeast. Where in the heck do you find chili? Well, this guy, is a doll! And he even goes out of his way, to buy a couple of sacks. Every August, and has them shipped to us. Gotta LOVE My Guy!!!

I don't just like chili, I LOVE it! I NEED it! And well, I just enjoy every single bite!!! With that being said, not all chili is created equally. What My Guy and his buddy consider a "good bowl" of chili, isn't what I'm thinking. They're thinking of a "stew" like thing. Me? I'm thinking of fresh chili, blended up, nice and thick. And oh so hot!

So when I took a peak at this week's Gooseberry Patch Free Recipe of the Week, I was questioning myself. Do I try this? Who eats chili out of a can? With avocados? I LOVE me some avocados. But with chili, it sounds a little odd...

Texas Green Sauce

4 avocados, pitted, peeled and chopped
16-oz. container sour cream
10-oz. can tomatoes with chiles
1 T. garlic powder
4-oz. can green chiles
2 t. salt
1 t. lemon juice
3-oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened

Combine all ingredients in an electric blender; process until smooth. Makes 5 cups.

It's good stuff! Promise you. :) Coming from me, that means a lot. I actually made some fresh tortilla chips last night. And made a batch of this. I figured what's the worst that can happen? I hate it, and give it to this guy. But even I surprised myself. It's really yummy!

So much so, we ate almost the entire thing. :) I know! But it was tasty. And we were deep into our movie. I will say this. I drained the chili and the tomatoes first. Then I blended the cream cheese and sour cream well. Smashed half the avocados. Left the other half chunky. Then rough chopped the tomatoes and chili. It made for more of a dip, then a sauce.

I did this mostly, because I didn't know what the sauce would taste like. Or what I'd pair it with. I'm sure it would be nice over grilled chicken. But I was much more into the "chips and dip" thing last night. Either way, the taste is good. And definitely worth a try. ♥

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