Sunday, July 18, 2010

Enjoying the Beach

What have I been up to? Enjoying the sun, sand, and My Guy! You have to love a good vacation. Even if it's coming to an end. How can you not enjoy paradise?

On Wednesday, we head home. Well, not home exactly. More like, to where My Guy is going to be working this weekend. And we're not going to have a weekend off until Thanksgiving. I know! What a long way away! Maybe now you can understand why this vacation was so important to the 2 of us. And why we had to keep it a secret. You know, the location.

I'm truly in love with this place. It's not the 1st time we've been here. This is our secret getaway place. There are gorgeous white, sandy beaches. Crystal clear, blue oceans. And it's so secluded. Seriously, other than people we've called for food and such, we haven't seen a soul while we've been here. This is definitely my version of paradise! See you Wednesday! ♥

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