Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dutch Braid

Are you going to laugh when I tell you something? I've been wearing my hair in braids all summer! Well, it's 1 of the 2 hairstyles that I've been stuck on. Because My Guy and I have been traveling all the time. To places that are incredibly hot. And I'm convinced, I need to cut my hair already. At least a good 10 inches. I'm craving some short hair. :) Seriously, long hair and heat do not mix!

Yes, I've been wearing braids. Braids with my hair down. And braids with my hair up. Curling my hair? Forget about it! It's too long. And the weather is too hot. I've just been about braids. My naturally curly hair with some little braids in a crazy updo. Or a braided headband with straightened hair, worn down.

I'm glad that My Guy is OK with my low maintenance style this summer. If you would have asked me a few years ago, I would have told you, he had to be in a relationship with a high maintenance type of woman. You know the type. Highlighted hair, fake and bake tan, and fake nails. That was before I knew him. Before we began dating. Now I know, he likes his women all natural! :)

Talking about My Guy, he's working right now. I'm still not feeling 100%. But I'm getting there. I'm just hanging out in the coach today. I've got a bunch of movies and crochet to keep me occupied until he gets back. Exciting Saturday, huh? What are your plans for the day? ♥

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