Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He Just Knows...

I have not been having a good couple of days. I know what it is. But there's not much I can do about it. But rest. And I'm not good at that. Being sick is horrible, this is 100 X's worse! A call to a good friend yesterday, well that lifted my spirits. But I've been down. And trying to act cheerful. Because My Guy has to work. And I don't want to burden him. Oh, and the million weddings this summer...

I"m trying to convince myself to be healthy. But well, it's not working. My body is refusing to listen to my mind. So today, I slept. My Guy really knew this morning, that I wasn't feeling well. Because I tried to convince him to stay home. Yes, I wouldn't let him out of bed. Because he makes me feel better. Just being around me. And I needed that today. But, at last, I let the man go to work. Because he has that kind of job. You know, were you can't call in sick. And he must have rushed through what he needed to do. Because he came home really early. So early, I was asleep...

And he let me sleep. While he made calls. And arranged for his grandma to make me some soup. And he went shopping. The man doesn't shop. Not ever! I do all the shopping around here. But he went. And got all my favorite things. And some little surprises for me. And Failure to Launch. Why have I never seen this movie?

By the time I woke up, the yummy food was here. And we had everything I could need or want. It was crazy! But so sweet. :) And My Guy cuddled with me in bed. And we watched Failure to Launch. Which was nice. We laughed. And joked about the movie and real life. It was a nice way to spend our evening.

I'm really glad that I have My Guy. He takes really good care of me. And my friends, they know how tough this has been for me. But having this amazing support, it makes everything so much better! Thank you Blue Eyes! I really do love you! And I appreciate all that you do for me. :) ♥

PS Go watch Failure to Launch! It's such a good movie. Seriously, why haven't I seen it before today?

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