Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Raspberry Chocolate Cake

I was sitting here trying to pass some time. To be honest, I was so bored! My Guy is working. And he asked me to come with him. My bestie is here too. But somehow, I'm sitting here alone. My pregnant bestie is sleeping. And My Guy is working. So I'm left to entertain myself.

Hello Google. I started a search for a chocolate cake. And look what I found. I'm not sure why the pictures are so small. But look at this cake!

Chocolate and raspberry bliss! OMG it looks amazing! Um, I started looking through this place. And I found what I needed to recreate this amazing cake! There is no recipe. I didn't find one. Mostly because the page that these pictures were on, isn't there anymore. I just made a chocolate cake, with chocolate icing. And topped it with beautiful raspberries.

Honestly, look at how amazing this looks! Um, I don't have my camera either. But my cake looks pretty amazing too! Who doesn't like chocolate and raspberries?

When My Guy finished working, he was greeted with this lovely cake. And he was very happy! My pregnant bestie, she enjoyed it too! See what happens when I'm bored. I find inspiration on Google. ♥

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