Sunday, May 16, 2010

Not Looking Good

Well, the weekend has not been so kind to My Guy. He's struggling with work. Why? I have no clue! He works so hard. But something isn't clicking. And I can tell he's getting frustrated. He wants results. And they're just not happening. Lord Bless the guys he works with. Because he's starting to get short with them. More sarcastic than anything.

Then he comes back here, to me and the pups. And he's just him. Wanting to get away, from all that pressure. So much so, we stayed up late last night. Watching movies and playing poker. Just laughing, and enjoying ourselves. I'm trying hard, to make his days go easier. But I know, that he's feeling the pressure. I don't know how he handles it all so well. Because I just don't know, if I could handle, that much pressure.

I'm just trying to make his life a little easier. My Guy, the man I love, he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Every single day. It has to be tough. And right now, he's so frustrated with himself. I don't know how else to make his life better. But he's not sleeping much anymore. Which is not normal for him. You can ask anyone that even remotely knows him. Usually, it takes a small army to wake him up.

I honestly don't mind, getting up extra early in the morning, to make him breakfast. Or making lunch for 30 grown men, in a small kitchen. I don't mind the many stragglers, who show up to dinner. Or taking care of all the things, he doesn't have time for. I don't even mind, that some days, we don't get to talk until we go to bed.

This is the man I love. It's strange how quickly life changes. How when you're not looking for love, it finds you. Or how when you're sitting on top of the world, suddenly, you can tumble downward. Right now, I just heard that My Guy, hit another road block. Looks like the weekend ended, the way it's pretty much gone, since we got here. Sad.

But we're both looking forward, to spending the next 2 weeks, close to home. I'm pretty sure we both need that a lot! The fur babies are always a good distraction. And who doesn't like sleeping in their own bed, cooking in their kitchen, and spending time surrounded by loved ones? I hope, this is what My Guy needs. Because he deserves to be rewarded for all of his hard work.

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