Monday, April 2, 2012

I Want to Make These

If there was just more time. Between now and Easter. If we weren't traveling. Or actually knew, where we'd be spending Easter. If only. I feel like lately, that's my little motto. If only...

Well, if I had a few more hours in my day, I'd make a few things. To make our home happy. To give as gifts. To calm myself, just a bit. Recently, a friend, sent me a few pictures. Here's my inspiration.

How about a pretty wreath? Something fun, and unexpected. A little whimsical. I'd love to whip something like this, up for our front door.

How about these simple decorations? Not too Easter-y. That means, we could get away with having them up, just a little longer! I like the simplicity. :)

Or how about some cute, little sheep pillows. I'm really LOVING these pillows! They could go well with our new, buttercup yellow blanket. Sheep and chicks!!! It doesn't get more Spring like than that!!! :)

A fun pillowcase. I want to make a few of these. For some very special little girls. With some minor adjustments. I NEED to make some time, to make these precious pillowcases!

Maybe even this bunny. It's so unusual. But fun! I like the long eyelashes. That the body shape is a little quirky. This could be another fun gift!

These are a few things, that I'd LOVE to make right now! To add a little fun, Spring, and color into our home. What are some projects, that you're wanting to make? Or what are some things, that are inspiring you, this Spring. It could be clothing, pictures, flowers, food, or anything else. I'd LOVE to know!!!

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