Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Perfect Little Dress

As you know, I've got tons of gorgeous Goddaughters. That I love dearly!!! I've been looking for some cute little patterns. Because I just adore, making them sweet little things. Maggie's Crochet, is one of my favorite websites, to buy patterns from. She's got some fun patterns. Things that I've never seen, anywhere else.

I found this little dress. The Madeline Pink Check Outfit. To me, it just screams Baby C! Except, it doesn't come in a small enough size. I bought it anyway. Took a look at the pattern. Read through it, and made some adjustments. To meet Baby C's size 3 months frame.

As I've been working on this adorable dress, I couldn't help but think of Miss Matilda. And I've started a larger one for her. Something she can wear, when the weather cools again. :) But let's not be fooled, I've got a Wish List at Maggie's Crochet, that's a mile long! I tell you, when I decide to have babies, I'm going to have to start crocheting years in advanced!!!

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