Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gap Creek

Can I be honest with you? I read a lot! Always have. Probably always will. And by a lot, I mean at least a book a day. 5 newspapers. Sometimes even a magazine. It doesn't hurt, that I'm a fast reader.

I've got a nice collection of books. But to be honest, I take advantage of our local library. I read, request, and love many of their books. And when I find, that I've checked out a book 5+ times, I actually go out and buy it.

But as a kid, my parents spoiled me rotten. With books. Not with toys, clothes, or that sort of thing. But books, they didn't mind. Those school book orders, I'd buy every single book, every single week! Then when the Book Fair rolled into school, I'd get whatever I wanted. I belonged to a ton of Book Clubs. And spent most of my life, reading.

Heck, even trips to the Price Club (now COSTCO) got me a new book. I'd get to pick out 1 book a month, from there. One book that I bought, was Gap Creek. Somehow, it was the one book, that I NEVER read. Why? I have no idea!

While packing last week, I ran across it. Some 12+ years later, I finally picked up Gap Creek. And a plane ride later, I was in LOVE! What a cute book!!! Something right up my alley.

The story is about a young couple. Who struggle in the beginning of their marriage. Living during a tough time. With an elderly man. Who dies, and leaves their lives hanging by a thread. With no money, little food, and an uncertain future. Tragedy marks their first year. But they make it past their 1st anniversary. Stronger, wiser, and more determined. This is definitely a good read! Something that will leave you, with a smile on your face!

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