Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Royal Purple Ruffles

I don't know, if I've ever shared these 3 important things with you. My favorite color is purple. All shades. Since I was an itty bitty. Ruffles make me smile. Oh yes, they do! And I adore jackets. Old Navy jackets to be exact. I try to buy a new one, every winter. :)

So when I saw that Old Navy was having their annual "Outwear Sale," I was all over it!!! But there are so many decisions. Secretly, I want one of each. And I'm not lying about that fact!!! But I restrained myself. Oh, and I remembered, that I still have some tuition payments coming up. So I picked just one...

This lovely purple number, is now all mine!!! I should have bought it a few weeks ago. The last two weeks, we've traveled to some chilly places. Instead, late last week I placed the order. And today, I got my precious jacket. :) We might just be in sunny Florida this week. But I did crank up the AC, just so I could wear my new jacket.

Between, if you are looking for a new jacket, run to Old Navy. I think the sale ends on Friday. But I did buy this beauty for $20. Regularly $55. Thanks to the sale, and an online coupon, I got a GREAT deal! I'm thinking "Girl Math." And I'm tempted, to buy this beautiful blue pal too! ♥