Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Icy Day Cowl

There have been 2 things, running through my head lately. It's getting cold. As in, I need a jacket, and scarf cold. And the Craft Fair, that my Mom and I are selling at, is less than a month away. Two things, that are putting me into "high gear."

I took a little time, yesterday, to search for some patterns. That would help in both of these areas. What did I come up with? A cute cowl.

I honestly adore this. Not necessarily in these colors. But I adore this cowl! I've started one for me. In grey. And I'm finding, that it's simple. As in, I can make a few of these, for the upcoming Craft Fair. Maybe in some more "Festive Colors." I might just spend my evening crocheting. And maybe watching a few movies, with My Love. ♥

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