Thursday, November 15, 2012

Colorful Fun :)

Back in September, my Mom got an ad from Old Navy. Being a cardholder, these are regular. And honestly, the best thing to get in your mailbox. Well, besides those ads from Jo-Ann. :)

Almost immediately, my Mom went to Old Navy. She couldn't find this shirt. And might have gotten a little distracted, with other purchases. But my Mom never forgot about this shirt Actually, every single time that we talked, she asked me if I'd found this shirt.

Well, I finally found her shirt. Online! It's taken forever. Mom, I've got you covered, I ordered this shirt for my Mom. She just LOVES the bright colors! And I might have gotten this one for myself. :) I adore the green and blue combo. Around these parts, they are "regular" colors in our wardrobe.

Honestly, I'm kinda wondering if I should go back, and order the orange one for me too! Yes, extra "spare" time, can be a little dangerous. Let's not talk, about the online Christmas shopping, that I also did! ♥

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