Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dreaming Of...

There are certain things, about living in "The South." People talk with thick accents. When you talk about Sundays, you talk about NASCAR. Everyone has a porch. Sweet tea, is the "official" beverage of choice. And ferns are everywhere!!!

I personally, have been dying, to buy a bunch of ferns. Around here, you see these beauties inside and out! I personally, have been dreaming of ferns, hung around our "wrap around porch." The perfect "pop of color" against the white trim of our home.

I can't even explain what it is. But I'm just drawn to these plants. I've priced them out, at a few different nurseries. I've considered hanging them. Or buying plant stands. Even seeking out some gorgeous pots. But in the end, I've decided they NEED to be hung from our porch.

The weather may not be agreeing with me. But come this Spring, and we'll have at least, 2 dozen of these beauties. After all, nothing says "Southern Living," like a porch, bursting with ferns, and pitcher or 2, of "Sweet Tea." Yes, I adore "The South." And my "Southern Gentleman!" ♥

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