Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lawn Frock Giveaway

The minute I saw this dress, I thought it was perfect and classic. Yet, so playful. The crisp green and white combination always makes me think of cleanliness. Of Spring cleaning. Something I am a HUGE fan of! But with the fullness of the skirt, it is so playful. And youthful. Something you can dance in. Or wear out to lunch with your friends.

But the detail of this dress is what gets me. Everything is so perfectly stitched. Not a stitch out of place. No detail overlooked. I just love the piping and the ruffles. The way the pleats fall on the skirt, just makes me want to try this on!

Look how gorgeous and playful this dress is! I just want to try it on. To dance around my garden. It's that kind of a dress. If you feel the same way, go enter the giveaway. You know you would just love to have this beautiful dress hanging in your closet. Ready for the perfect Spring day. ♥

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