Friday, November 4, 2011

Red Fridays and a Scarf

Have you ever heard about Red Fridays? It's something that My Guy and I have been supporters of. My Guy works closely with the military. And I've had many family members, that have served in the military. Red Fridays are something that we hold close to our hearts. Yes, we're always praying for our military.

I was talking to My Guy the other day. And I was telling him how I wanted to do something. For the families. I know that I wear red every single Friday. But I wanted to show my love, support, and patriotism. Then it hit me. I could make some scarves. For the spouses, that are waiting at home.

I wanted to make something. Something that felt personal. And made with love. So I started my hunt. And I found this pattern. By Bernat. Appropriately named, Red Friday Scarf. I'm on a mission, to make as many as possible. If you'd like to help, send me an e-mail, or leave me a comment.

Why is this cause so close to my heart? Like I said, I come from a military family. 2 of my brothers were in the military, I have 2 cousins now serving, my grandpa served, and many, many of my uncles were in the military. Our family has watched our loved ones go off to war. We've unfortunately lost some loved ones. And also celebrated others, after they retired from the military. Not to mention friends of mine. I still don't know how Jelly did it all those years. Or how Cassie still does it.

But I'm very proud of my country. Of our military. And if this little gesture, can help even one person, it is well worth it! Like I said, if you are interested in helping, let me know. I think we can make a big difference. My entire life, I've lived near Military Bases. And I know that these people, sacrifice so much for us. Every single day of the year! It's time to give something back!

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