Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lacy Set and Esmeralda

Recently, I got to spend some much needed time, with my Goddaughter. Esmeralda. What a beauty she is! Her mommy and daddy always dress her in beautiful shades of green. Which make her gorgeous black hair, look amazing! And I've made her lots of pretty crochet things. In every type of green yarn that I can find!

After seeing this cute dress, that Amelia had dressed Esmeralda in, I knew that I had to make her a cute sweater set. Yes, this one! In a pretty, soft, and white yarn. Beautiful!

Before I left, I got to see Esmeralda, all dressed up. She looked like a little angel. I just wish, that I could spend more time with her. I didn't get enough baby cuddling, cooing, and love. Nope! This Nana, is going to have to go home, to visit this sweet angel. I already miss her. And it's only been hours since I last seen my sweet Esmeralda. ♥

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