Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maria la del Barrio

Maria la del Barrio was a telenovela, that I watched years ago, with my grandma. She was so into it. And because I was there, I got sucked in too! Telenovelas are a mini version, of an American Soap Opera. It's the Latin American version. And they're usually a bit more racy. And a heck of a lot shorter! A telenovela usually runs for a few months. And tells the entire story.

This particular telenovela starred Thalia. You know, the Mexican Megastar! But that was before I knew about Thalia. I was probably only 12 when I watched this. And I really enjoyed it. Honestly, watching telenovelas, made me feel a lot more comfortable with my Spanish.

Anyways, recently I was on eBay. Searching for some Disney cartoons. I HATE how Disney only releases movies for a short time. But that rant is for a whole other post. I was looking for Beauty and the Beast. I'll admit it, it's my favorite.

Somehow, I came across the series Maria la del Barrio. I thought about it. Looked at the price. Wondered if I'd really watch it. Thought about the time my grandma and I spent watching it. And I bought it! I just couldn't help myself. :)

So I've had this guy watching it with me. Although he's not fluent in Spanish, he's been enjoying it. We laugh hysterically at all the silliness. Yes, it's that hilarious! But I do enjoy it. And it brings back so many memories! ♥

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