Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Stuff...

When I was young, my family was, well for the lack of a better word, obsessed with green jell-O and Kool-Aid. Yes, they were! My grandma only bought green Kool-Aid. Ever! It was so odd.

Green jell-O, well it was delish! And a staple for the holidays. With a little bit of whipped cream. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not!

And that green Kool-Aid, we drank it by the gallons. No lie! Especially in summer. I can still remember, sitting on my grandparents porch, drinking green Kool-Aid.

Ya, my family favored the green, or lime flavored goods. Can I admit it? When I'm feeling homesick, I search out green Kool-Aid and jell-O.

OK, and that's were this gets funny. I never understood why my grandma, used to have to send green Kool-Aid and jell-O, to my auntie. Who at the time, lived in California. Because in my home state, it was sold everywhere! Now I know. Depending on what part of the country we're in, you can't find these green treats. What's up with that? Do companies really do that? Only sell certain flavors of products, in certain areas. I'm curious...

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