Friday, January 21, 2011

National Hug Day 2011

Did you know that today is National Hug Day? Thanks to a quick e-mail check, which lead to some AOL article that I read, and another link that I followed...I found out the news. Is it good or bad? Not sure...

You see, I'm not a traditional "hugger." Nope. I was that little girl that ran from people. You know, at the mere sight of the impending hug. Yes, I would run and hide. All to avoid a hug. Why? Who the heck knows! Our closest of friends, had no special place in "my circle of huggers." Nope. That was simply for my parents, grandparents, and my Auntie Chuchie. That's it!

But as I've gotten older, I pretty much crave a good bear hug. Or those really meaningful hugs, from the people that you love. Regardless, if it's a close family friend, family member, or you know...My Guy. Hugs are now a very welcomed part of my life. So when you see your close friends and family today, don't be afraid to hug. It's actually a really great thing to do! And I promise will survive it. :) You might even enjoy it! ♥

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