Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just a Lil Bit

Yes, 50 Cent’s song just came on My Guy’s ipod. We’re on our way to the west coast. And I stole his ipod. His sleeping and I figure I can find a better use for it. This song cracks me up. It reminded me of so many things when I heard it. And the lover of music that I am, I listen to all kinds of music!!!

During 1 of my trips to Sin City, I danced to this song. With the LBs. I don’t even remember what it was for. But we had a dance for this song. It was a remix. A DJ friend of mine did it. It was a lot faster. And when it was done, I was happy that it was over.

But when I got home, the firefighters decided that this was going to be my song. It had just been released. And unfortunately for me, they called me ‘Lil Bit. A lot of friends call me that. Mostly because I’m so short. But whatever!

Just now when I heard this song, it just reminded me of it. Yes, Mike and I used to dance to it. Randomly. But we needed something to keep us all entertained. Running up the nearby mountain in 105*F temperature, not so fun. But we’d make it fun. And it became the song they would play when I was introduced at gigs. Anyway, here’s the video. ♥

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