Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

That was today. From the beginning of it, it’s been a day that I probably should have just stayed home. My Guy and I left from the east coast to my little desert town. We’re looking at buying a home here. Or property, and then we’d build. The problem came when he decided that we couldn’t buy anything in the town where I have my home. Because the neighbors are too close. So we looked at the small nearby community/town.

My Guy wants to buy sections of land. A section is 640 acres. I didn’t know that. I learned that as we were looking for a new place. I think it’s crazy! But I respect that he needs his privacy. We found many homes that we liked. They were just a little close to neighbors. Looks like we’ll be building our 2nd home together. This should get really interesting. But we found some property that we liked. It has a farm and lots of crops on it. And most importantly, it’s in the BFE! Right next to J’s property. Good to know the neighbor!!!

Well, our appointment with the Real Estate agent lasted forever! And I was running late. Late for dinner with my friend. Mayu and I haven’t seen each other in almost a year! I’m not lying. Last year for my birthday, that was the last time we met. We went shopping and to lunch. It’s been forever!!! So it was nice to see her again. But I was running late.

We were going to meet at 4:45PM. That would mean I would have to leave at 3:45PM. But I didn’t have my car. I called Sam so she could bring my car. It was 3:15PM. I just knew we weren’t going to make it to my house. And Sam forgot Mayu’s gifts on my bed. :( So I was pretty bummed. But I finally left at 4:15PM. Only to hit traffic! They are doing construction. The highway was down to 1 lane for over 20 miles!!! And we were at a standstill for over 20 minutes!

But I finally got there. And Mayu and I enjoyed a yummy dinner! By the way, the salad was amazing!!! But our waiter was horrible. He took our order. Made faces at my friend. And after he brought us our food, he didn’t return. OK, he came once to refill Mayu’s drink. We had wanted dessert, but our waiter was MIA. Only to return with checks and a To-Go box for me.

I don’t think I’ve ever had that bad of service before. And that was sad. We paid. And by the way, we didn’t get all of our change back. :( We left a tip. And we left. I was happy to see my friend. The food was good. But I don’t think I’ll be going back there again. It just really disappointed me.

But like I said, the important thing was catching up with my friend. We were there for about an hour and a half. And we just got to chat about a lot of things. Nothing in particular. Just about our lives. What we’ve been up to. And the direction our lives are going in. It was nice to catch up. It’s like we’ve never had a break in our friendship. We just picked up right where we left off!

As we left, I decided to call My Guy. Just to see if he and the guys had eaten anything. I know that he was going to play poker with J and some of the guys. As I thought, no one had eaten. Well, not a meal. Because I wasn’t there to feed them. So I called PF Changs and turned around. While I waited for the food, I went to Forever 21. I know, I know! But I only picked up 2 shirts, a jacket, and a couple of necklaces. I only spent $5…because I had a $50 gift card. :)

I headed back. Traffic was a lot better. Probably because it was close to 8PM by now. The guys were all happy to see the food. In fact, I stole a few things from My Guy’s order. I just couldn’t resist!!! They took a break to eat. And I whipped up a quick cake. They devoured it in no time. And My Guy finished off my takeout from Red Lobster. :)

Right now, My Guy is finally kicking butt at poker! And I’m laying on the couch. Falling asleep. I just finished the paper work for Gerard to take to MO. But I decided to do a quick post. The guys asked me to join their game. But I’m seriously falling asleep. I’ll probably head upstairs and get some sleep. We’re leaving for Sin City early in the morning. I have to perform tomorrow. It should be fun! ♥

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